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Keeping You In The Groove

Welcome to the LAS VEGAS STEPPERS CLUB! We've been a family since 1999, and our motto above is simple: you don't need to know how to step to be a part of our family. It's about more than just dance and classes. We invite to join us at our new home in the aP community, Where we can now keep you updated in real-time and stay connected.  join us, see you in the community.

Big Tony!

Get More Than A Dance, Build With Us


2 plans / 2 special offers

Offers comes with online chat options, personalized one-on-one sessions,

exciting live stream events, and engaging podcasts.






This special is for the general public 

  • Telegram / LVSC Group Chat

  • Unlimited Classes

  • 1 Membership T-shirt

  • 4 VIP Class Guest Passes

  • 4 VIP Social Guests Passes and more

  • Download Telegram App

For A Limited Time






This offer is good only with the 8 free steppin classes

  • Telegram / LVSC Group Chat

  • 2 Weekly Classes 

  • Disc On 3 Day Events

  • 2 VIP Class Passes

  • 2 VIP Social Passes

  • Download Telegram App

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Please read

Special offers are available only through aP Anthony Production and Telegram group platform

To fully enjoy all the advantages, it is crucial to maintain an up-to-date membership. Once the second payment has been made, members can obtain their membership t-shirts either during class sessions or by mail (additional fees may apply). Please note that certain benefits may not be applicable to aP Anthony Production and joint partnerships, and associates. VIP guest passes are valid for different guests each month. Membership is only accepted and paid online. For every 100 new members, the membership fee will increase by $10 until the regular price is reached. The special offer and price at the time of joining will remain unchanged as long as your membership payments are current. However, if payment is not received within 15 days after your due date, the original special offer will not be available. If you decide to rejoin after cancellation, you will be required to pay the current prices.

By Joining you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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